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Agnes is a holistic therapist, a coach and a healer.
She has been on her own healing and learning journey for more than 15 years and has helped women heal their childhood traumas, overcome their fears and insecurities, connect with their bodies and their true self, and create a more loving, more abundant and more joyful life.
She uses a combination of powerful techniques and methods to help her clients break through their blocks and limitations and become confident, empowered, and unstoppable to reach their goals.

  • I'm grateful for you Agnes- forever!

    "Unhealed issues don't just disappear. They show up in your physical health, your mental health, your children, your relationships. The list goes on..." In the last 1,5 year I worked closely with Agnes, and I can tell from experience that she has the knowledge, wisdom, understanding, insight, intelligence and intuition to help people healing and becoming the best version of themselves. With her help I achieved the desired lasting change - in a fraction of a time comparing to time consuming traditional therapies. I am actively recommending her to anyone who will take his/her life to the next level, now! I'm grateful for you Agnes- forever!- Marianne

  • Holistic Support for your Body and Soul

    "I have worked with Agnes since some months, dissolving blockages and finding my path again.. I have done a lot of coaching during the last 12 years of my life and I really have to say that things never moved so fast and easy as they do with Agnes' method. I love the way she works. It's solution- oriented and she's a loving and caring person." - Simela

  • Catalyst for change!

    "Ági is the most amazing teacher and guide I’ve ever met in this lifetime. She entered my life a few years ago and ever since, she showed me how easy the journey we came here to experience can really be. With her always fresh and creative approach, she can sometimes conjure up a new point of view in a matter of seconds, which helps me to easily figure out exactly where I stand. Not only she can do all this easily and simply, holding a safe space for true transformation, but the work always finishes with a lot of laughter … I hope we will keep “traveling” together for a long time, to infinity and beyond!" - David

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