Give The Gift Of Health And Fitness!

Giving someone the gift of improved health and fitness, with all the physical and psychological 

benefits that this brings, is the most wonderful gift you could give.

Speedfitness Boutique Studio
is not an ordinary gym

Why join us?

Because you dream of a world where you always have good fitness level without having to stress about it. Life's busy enough – let us sort out your good shape, great posture, amazing strength & vitality.

1/Highly recommended personal training studio in Mallorca

2/Expert personal trainers

3/Exclusive health and life coaching professionals

By providing the most effective route to inner and outer Health & Happiness all in one spot, we make sure your health journey is a Holistic & Successful one. From low impact personal training to nutritional wellness and personal life coaching, our consultants can help you create the package that will get you to your goals in the fastest and easiest way possible.

Our COVID Guarantee

Buy with added peace of mind. If you are unable to book and take your experience due to COVID we will extend or exchange your voucher completely free of charge depending on your preference – we are all in this together.

Social distancing approved

Join us for an insanely effective, low-impact workout in a fraction of the time.

So what do our clients think?

We could talk about how great the club is for hours but it's better hearing it from the client's mouth.

“I spend many hours a week travelling for business meetings around the world and this often means I just don’t find the time (or motivation!) to stick to a  regular fitness routine.  A friend of mine recommended a new training method from Germany, he had my attention when he said he trains for just 20 minutes per week! I have now been training with Stuart for the past 2 months at The Speedfitness Boutique Studio and would highly recommend it!  I have more energy, feel stronger, my body is looking more toned.  Although I haven’t managed to make every session I still feel in great shape and look forward to the next one!”



I have always wanted to get back in shape after having my first child but I just hate the idea of going to a gym, I tried home workouts but was impossible with a baby, husband and puppy in the house! My friend suggested the Speedfitness boutique as it was completely different to the normal gym setting. I went with her to have a nosey and it didn’t feel like a gym at all. It was very relaxing environment with lovely friendly staff. No big guys covered in sweat staring as you walk in! I am now hooked and not only lost my post pregnancy belly but i’m in better shape than i have ever been in! I think this is perfect for those like me that are body conscious but just hate the gym environment!



“One of the best experiences I had so far.The studio is modern well design with best materials
clean and has all you need. The trainers are very friendly professional, helpful and know what they are doing. The service itself really works!
I’m a single mum with no time for gym anymore, with only 20 mins a week I notice results already. I’m simply grateful for have Speedfitness boutique in my life. By the way they serve a super tasty high quality protein shake after your workout”




give the gift of speedfitness boutique studio experience