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2.5 Personal PowerSuit system

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Visionbody EMS suit is your ideal companion for home training. Use it in your living room or take it with you anywhere you want. The slimmed and reduced design, the long lasting battery and the wireless technology make the kit fully portable. ⁠

Integrate your Visionbody training into your fitness routine and get the most out of your workout. All muscle groups can be activated using an electrode system with the 12 pairs of electrodes. You will notice visible muscle mass increase of 14% within a few months and reach maximum performance increase of 30% within only a few weeks.⁠

💫Dry electrodes (no moistening needed)⁠
💫Wireless technology⁠
💫For indoor and outdoor training⁠
💫Bluetooth communication⁠
💫Training suit with washable electrodes⁠
💫4 preset training programs: cardio, strength, fat burning, massage⁠
💫Compatible with iPhone, iPad⁠
💫2 intro training included (we teach you how to use the system and train yourself with it)